“In the bush” A Guest Poem

“In the bush” A Guest Poem

Tamara Morris is one of our creative guests who completed Murray River Walk in August 2022. She could sum up the experience  in a few short sentences, but it didn't do the trip justice so she penned a poem and we thought we'd share it with you!

"My heartiest congratulations – what you and your team do is very special and you should be so incredibly proud."

Into the Bush

Come walk with me through time….in the bush on the banks of the mighty Murray
There’s no traffic, no wifi, no phone, no distractions, just the gentle whisper of thousand-year-old trees
Where hi-rise living is a hollow or a nest of sticks high in the boughs of a craggy old trunk
The highway here is a bed of untrodden soft soaked leaves and bark scattered with gnarly sticks, a patchwork of bright green growth and desert daisies encouraged by recent rains
Weeping willows sway in the cool breeze and gently sweep the bank with their leafy tendrils

Come walk with me and learn
In a place where colourful river gums line the banks like sentries protecting a sacred forest Where ancient shield and canoe trees tell a special story of this country’s first people
And a midden of shells scattered on a cliff top is a poignant reminder of an age long ago
Where the murky waters of this majestic old girl hide the menacing carp while dwindling numbers of Murray Cod plead for protection to bureaucrats who have no ears
And pelicans perch on boughs of sombrely gathered, lifeless trees, a testament to the ravages and wonders of torrential rains and life sucking drought
Come walk with me and listen to the music of nature
Where screeches of cockatoos rip through the silence and a whiny crow protests the peace with a drawn out faaaaaarrrrk!
Where kookaburra’s crack jokes about colourful trekkers and the squark of a vibrant Mallee ringneck precedes a fleeting glimpse of aqua wings against olive foliage
An assortment of ducks rejoice in bountiful numbers
And our presence is welcomed by the joyful twitter of the willy wagtail

Headings Cliff Murray River

Come walk with me and experience our heritage
With guides who wear passion, devotion, and enthusiasm on their sleeves
With old friends and new we share respect for the Riverland, its fragility and complexity
Where the air fills our lungs with energy and we feel awe, regret and inspiration
And red and white cliffs moulded into crevices and valleys provide a platform to reflect
and herald a new day with a horizon streaked with sparkling rays of gold and orange
Come walk with me through time… in the bush, on the banks of the mighty Murray
Be forever mindful of that moment with those people in that place on the river trail
Share the lessons, the experience, and the opportunities with others
And when the memories start to fade hum the haunting tune of Cohen’s Hallelujah
Close your eyes and imagine the crackling fire, the laughter, the quiet lap of the waters, and be grateful.

(Written with love and gratitude by the ‘other’ Gold Coast girl - Tamara Morris)

Red Gum Forest Murray River

Interested in immersing yourself into the bush just as Tamara has done? Join us on a Murray River Walk!