If you have experienced one of our amazing river journeys, we invite you to share your reflections and reviews at one (or all) of the locations below:


Below are what other guests had to say about their experience with Murray River Trails.

High River, the friendly, caring nature and love of the river shone throughout the day from the guides and everything about the carefully planned variety if the walks make it easy to recommend this walk to others. A great walking pace and an exceptional experience.
Kathryn, June 2023
This walk was a very enjoyable experience. I will definitely be coming back to the Murray. Also, this trip improved my knowledge and understanding of the catchment and the need to continue to make every effort to protect this wonderful place while also supporting the communities who live and work near the rivers.
Mark, June 2023
I couldn’t recommend this tour highly enough. Truly a life-affirming experience. Every detail was covered and it's so hard to pick a “best” bit. The guides really made the tour pop. They were consistently professional, friendly and attentive. The food was amazing, easily 5-star quality. Delicious food with a local focus paired with fine wines. High River is a beautiful boat and I love the commitment to the environment with so much solar on board. It was truly remarkable.
Warwick, June 2023
From the moment I met the guides I was educated, nurtured and guided through the most extraordinary four days on board a beautiful houseboat 'High River'. The accommodation was first class as was the meals, just a magic experience. The walking through various terrains and those fabulous views were spectacular. The team were outstanding.
Wendy, June 2023
This walk surpassed my expectations. I just loved the holistic experience. Every day was excellent, fun and educational. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us to help us gain an understanding of the Murray River Basin
Meredith , May 2023
I was very apprehensive about the walk due to my inexperience. My guides put my mind at rest and I had a wonderful time. They are fantastic ambassadors for the region and the company. Thank you ladies.
Amanda, May 2023
The boat and location were both amazing and beautiful. Thank you for being able to see and experience the amazing Murray. Understanding more about the importance of the river flow and the surrounding wetland has really made me think more about the environment. The canoe trip was lots of fun and again a great opportunity to see the amazing Murray and tributaries.
Del, November 2022
Accommodation on High River was great! First time staying on a houseboat and did it in style. We enjoyed the style and quality of the food offered and the convivial atmosphere at meal times.
Janet, November 2022
I loved all of it, as each day was distinctly different from the other so it’s hard to pick just one highlight. Our guides were knowledgeable and passionate about the River, its history and purpose. And they were always willing to stop and take interest in our questions.
Jane, May 2021, NSW
Congratulations on creating an excellent product. Your enthusiasm and passion are infectious. It was a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful experience
Stuart, September 2022