See what other guests had to say about their experience with Murray River Trails.

This was such a wonderful experience for me. Our guides passion and knowledge was a huge part of my enjoyment. The attention to detail made me feel safe when doing things I’d not done before. The food and accommodation was way above what I had expected.
Robyn, September 2018
I highly recommend this walk for the contrasts, the foods and the wonderful experience of the Murray River wilderness, with the warm, friendly, knowledgeable guides, who shared their passion for it with our group of 10. Get your boots on, this walk will get you into the open, beautiful wilderness of the Murray River environment.
Madeline, NZ, July 2018
Couldn't speak highly enough of the guides knowledge, care for clients and the ability to change sections of the walk to be more appropriate for the weather and walkers needs and comfort.
Michelle, September 2017
We appreciated the depth of knowledge of the region and know much more now of the nuances of the River and its surroundings.
Wendy, August 2017
The MR Walk was a brilliant experience – thanks to the care and attention to detail of staff and their extensive knowledge of the diverse environment and habitat; they were passionate about the Murray River. The houseboat was extremely roomy and comfortable; delicious breakfasts and dinners served with very enjoyable beverages!
Mary Joy, VIC, Aug 2018
The crew were so incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and everything so streamlined. They work so tirelessly so that we could have an incredible holiday as well as learning experience. Really appreciated all their efforts.
John, VIC
This has been the most enjoyable tour on many fronts. The walks each day were all different and opened my eyes to the diversity and history. Your immense knowledge of region and importance of the Murray Darling made it a wonderful experience and gave me so many insights.
Annie, August 2019
The combination of walking and cruising along the river is unique and amazing. The variety of experiences makes this a wonderful 4 days.
Janell, NSW, August 2018
This trip far exceeded our expectations. Nothing was too much trouble for our guides. We’ve never been to this part of Australia before and have come away with a great appreciation for the beauty and history of the Murray River.
Robyn, August 2019
Big compliments to everyone. Being immersed on the Murray for four days was truly wonderful experience. The whole walk was well organised, professionally run and very educational and interesting.
Elizabeth, May 2019