See what other guests had to say about their experience with Murray River Trails.

Big compliments to everyone. Being immersed on the Murray for four days was truly wonderful experience. The whole walk was well organised, professionally run and very educational and interesting.
Elizabeth, May 2019
We have lived and worked along the Murray Valley for a large part of our lives but we added a whole new dimension to our experiences on your River Murray Walk. It truly was amazing from start to finish – the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guides and the attention to detail with everything from the locally sourced food and wines to some unique stunning scenery. We can’t thank you all enough for what was a memorable 4 days.
Pat, July 2019
It was a wonderful trip. Passionate guides, contrasting landscapes, great food & wine. Beautiful and comfortable houseboat. It was exactly the activity, rest and relaxation I needed. A treasured trip.
Natalie, May 2018
My favourite part was being exposed to the fascinating and diverse land forms, flora and fauna of this amazing ecosystem. I am constantly amazed at the river itself and how it has supported not only the wildlife but human settlement for more than 40,000 years.
Paul, August 2018
This has been the most enjoyable tour on many fronts. The walks each day were all different and opened my eyes to the diversity and history. Your immense knowledge of region and importance of the Murray Darling made it a wonderful experience and gave me so many insights.
Annie, August 2019
The combination of walking and cruising along the river is unique and amazing. The variety of experiences makes this a wonderful 4 days.
Janell, NSW, August 2018
This was is particularly well thought out with the combination of land & water showcasing the amazing scenery, produce and history and geology of the area. It is a very serene experience, loved every bit.
Liz, July 2018
There are some places where you could easily sit & stay forever. Whether walking with a still mind or conversations with like- minded people, I felt a sense of meaning & a real sense of place. We will forever hold the memories and associations from our 4 days on this broad and noble river. Exploring is one of the best ways of exercising the mind and walking travels both terrains.
Karen, July 2018
Truly excellent experience. The combination of activities was very well planned and reflected the teams absolute passion for the Murray River, its history and local produce.
Domenika, September 2017
Although I thought I knew about the Murray, it was the feet on the ground experience that really provided the emotional knowledge. I feel privileged to have been with such passionate advocates for scientific based management of this precious resource.
Jane, May 2019