See what other guests had to say about their experience with Murray River Trails.

A life changing walk - guides connected us with an Australia we loved to know, but didn't know before.
Robert, June 2019
It was a privilege to see this unique and special place, made so interesting by the extremely knowledgeable and hospitable guides.
Jasmine, May 2017
The passion displayed by the guides has contributed significantly to the success of this experience. Their enthusiasm and willingness to ‘spoil’ the guests was wonderful. Their constant hard work was appreciated by all the guests.
Paul, QLD, August 2018
The whole approach to this walk is well integrated. Everything ties together: nature, food, observations. The team of guides were a rare combination. They were engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining and fun.
Paul, June 2019
I highly recommend this walk for the contrasts, the foods and the wonderful experience of the Murray River wilderness, with the warm, friendly, knowledgeable guides, who shared their passion for it with our group of 10. Get your boots on, this walk will get you into the open, beautiful wilderness of the Murray River environment.
Madeline, NZ, July 2018
Immersion in the Murray – the best way to learn about our precious river system while still being able to relax and ‘be at one’ with nature.
Gemma, May 2019
This walk was able to bring together good quality accommodation, great food, comfortable walking and education about the Murray River. The scenery was spectacular, and I have developed a new found love for this area.
Jane, September 2018
We loved our river guide arriving each morning after breakfast to help us find our next spectacular location, this is the escape we all needed. Truly peaceful and I read 2 books!
Kathy S, NSW
We appreciated the depth of knowledge of the region and know much more now of the nuances of the River and its surroundings.
Wendy, August 2017
Although I thought I knew about the Murray, it was the feet on the ground experience that really provided the emotional knowledge. I feel privileged to have been with such passionate advocates for scientific based management of this precious resource.
Jane, May 2019