Getting to Renmark

Your experience with Murray River Trails begins in the river town of Renmark, South Australia. Renmark is a 3-hour drive from Adelaide or a 1.5-hour drive from Mildura.

Adelaide has an international airport with multiple direct flights daily to all other Australian capital cities.

Mildura has a regional airport with multiple direct flights daily from Melbourne and Sydney.

Here are some travelling options to make travel to Renmark easy.

Call us at 0417 533 063 if you need any assistance in planning your travel to Renmark.

Renmark South Australia Map

Self Drive

Renmark is an easy 3 hour drive from Adelaide or a 1.5 hour drive from Mildura in Victoria.

The Hotel Renmark allows guests of Murray River Trails to use their parking on the corner of Murray Avenue and Pyap Street for the duration of your tour.

Car Rentals from Adelaide or Mildura Airport

Please discuss rental fees, terms and conditions of hire with your preferred car rental company.

Rental cars can also be left in the Hotel Renmark car park for the duration of the tour.

Private Transfers