Houseboat Accommodation

The houseboat is your lodge-based accommodation on all Murray River Trails experiences.

During a Murray River Walk your houseboat moves each day to your daily walking destination.

On Murray River Safari you will be moored opposite the spectacular Headings Cliffs, and during a Murray River Escapes tour you will plan your mooring locations with your boat driver.

The scenery from your houseboat and your bedroom widows is always spectacular. In the evenings, relax in the houseboat lounge and share stories with your fellow travelers, or venture up to the top deck where a hot spa provides a perfect end to the day’s activities.

Your houseboat sleeps up to 10 people in 5 rooms (each room sleeps 2 people, queen bed or 2 singles), and each boat has 2 bathrooms with hot showers, a spacious lounge and modern kitchen.

The houseboat will be moored each day at your daily destination, you only need to unpack once as you keep the same room for the entire journey.

Eco-conscious comfort

Operating in such a delicate environment, houseboats are the perfect accommodation for maintaining a low impact on the river system that we are passionate about conserving. Our ‘leave no trace’ approach includes no built infrastructure on the riverbanks and removing all waste for recycling or disposal.