Is that ‘Loch Ness’ on the Murray River?

Is that ‘Loch Ness’ on the Murray River?

Did you know that the Murray River has its very own 'Loch Ness'?

Just kidding! We don't have such mythical monsters in the Murray River, but we do have emus that can swim up to 50 kilometers/hour!

Amazing Wildlife Encounters

Guides, Tony and Kym, spotted something strange in the water while out inspecting the walking route this week. It looked a bit like a fast swimming tree branch but as they grew closer, they saw it was an emu!

It's not uncommon to see emus crossing the Murray River, their long powerful legs make them very apt swimmers, and we see them occaisionally while on tour.

View the amazing swimming emu video, in full below!

Join us on the Murray River

Our Murray River Safari wildlife adventures are short, 3 days and 2 nights, and depart on Tuesdays and Fridays from March through to November each year.

Tours depart from Renmark in South Australia.

See a diverse range of waterbirds including Black Swans, Spoonbills, Red-necked Avocets and Pied Stilts, migratory waders, and of course our beautiful bushbirds, Rufous Whistler, Red-capped Robin and Fairywrens, Red-rumped Parrot, Australian Ringnecks and Yellow Rosellas, and migratory Rainbow Bee-eaters.

The next tours depart September & October 2021 - view these dates by clicking HERE.