Featured In: Escape Travel – February 2019

Featured In: Escape Travel – February 2019

In 2018, photojournalist, Kirk Owers joined us for a Murray River Walk and discovered how the stories shared by our guides breathe life into an unfamiliar landscape.

He shared his story with Escape Travel in February 2019 of the same year, part of which we've shared below.

The full article can be read on the Escape Travel Website.

Excerpt from Kirk's Story

Sunset on the Murray is something to behold. The serpentine river mirrors the sky as it transforms from vivid yellow to the pink and purple hues of dusk. Pelicans bank and glide like sea planes, rippling the water when they land.

Image Credit Kirk Owers

This is a multi-day hike with a difference. After walking across flood plains and along riverbanks we meet up with our floating home, a riverboat named Desire. On our first evening there is a cold beer in my fist and a decision to be made as the sky fades to black and the first stars appear.

Do I dangle my feet in the cool river, head for the hot tub bubbling away on the upper deck or make for the lounge where soft cheeses and a cheeky South Australian rosé await? I decide on all three. Who said bushwalking had to involve deprivation?

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